Pippin and Gandalf

Jorma picspam

I was going to do this awhile back, but I figured it'd be more fun if I gathered more pictures of this adorable man first. And gather I have. Also, I figure since it's his birthday today, that a picspam of him would be much more appropriate to do.

So, without further ado, I give you the big 'Happy Birthday Jorma!' picspam, for the sexy beast of adorkableness. Not dial-up friendly.

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Finding pictures of him is really hard, so about 90% of these {ones from The 'Bu and the music videos and Regarding Ardy I capped myself, so if they're pixely, I apologise}.
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Mitch From Graphics

Alright, this might have been posted ages ago, but did you guys know Jorma is in Role Models??
I decided to watch it today, just for a time waster, and there he was! He's Mitch From Graphics at the main character's job. He sings
karaoke and fails miserably, but he's so adorable!!
I'm going to rent it and snag a few pictures of him. Check it out!!

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Pippin and Gandalf



Yeeah, I'm weird XD I think it might be Jorma doing the voice of the "Normal" guy in the interlude.
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Posting Virgin in jorma_daily

I just wanted my title to be a little different :D
I just want to thank who ever made this community, you rock! :)

Here's an icon I just made a few minutes ago. I want to share you y'all because I think it's pretty good (for me).

EDIT: I made another. I get bored at 4 am, apparently XP

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Pippin and Gandalf

First time poster

Hey all! New here on the Jorma-love bandwagon. I come bringing two videos that I just found. I don't think they've been posted before, but even if they have, they're worth checking out a second time.

And now I have more reason than ever to see 'Hot Rod'
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Icons - SNL & The Dudes

This is my first post here. There are a few icons of Jorma and the rest of the Dudes, but most icons just have Andy in them...

[1-9] - The Lonely Island Dudes
[10-24] - Andy Samberg
[25-32] - Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, and Jason Sudeikis
[33-46] - Kristen Wiig


Please comment and credit if you take any, thanks! :)

[I gave birth to seven baby cows this morning, so...]
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