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This is a new and under-construction community for fans of Jorma Taccone, one-third of the Lonely Island comedy team with Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer.

Jorma Taccone, (born March 19th, 1977) Writer forSaturday Night Live.

He auditioned as on-air talent for Saturday Night Live but instead was hired as a writer. However, he has appeared in many walk-on roles in the Digital Shorts as either a passerby or a dancer in a music video. He can also be seen in assorted live sketches on the show. Jorma created the beat as well as assisted in writing the SNL Digital Shorts Lazy Sunday

Jorma is one of three members in The Lonely Islandsketch comedy group that includes SNL featured player Andy Samberg and fellow SNL writer Akiva Schaffer.

(The Lonely Island)

He also played the lead role of Brett Banks in The Lonely Island's "The 'Bu", the group's record-breaking contribution to Channel 101 where he played a ninja who didn't belong. In the group's first Channel 101 show, "ITV Buzz Countdown", Taccone played Chris Hoffman, a fictional VJ on a parody of MTV's Total Request Live.

Jorma attended UCLA Theater and recieved a degree in acting.

Fun Facts:
-Taccone is named after guitarist Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane.
-Jorma was the voice of Frazzles the squirrel from the Awesometown pilot and The 'Bu.
-He made the Melissa puppet in The'Bu.
-He made the Stork puppet in the Stork Patrol video and also shared the role of the stork with Chester Tam.

SNL Appearances:
Digital Short walk on roles:
-The Young Chuck Norris
-Laser Cats
-Testicles (the short with Tom Hanks)
And Kevin Spacey sketch Unusual Suspects.

(Jorma dancing to Death Cab For Cutie)
(Jorma dancing to Arctic Monkeys)


Community Rules

This is a Jorma Taccone fan community. So please try to keep your posts relevant. They can be whatever, pictures, news, etc. We don't care. As long as its about Jorma. Yes, you can mention the other Dudes. Yes, you can mention SNL. It just has to be related to Jorma in some way, ok? Ok. Good.

2. We love pictures! But, please, be considerate and put them under a cut if they are large or if there is more than one. Same goes with large articles.

3. Bashing of other LJ communities or other members will not be tolerated.

d. Please don't post other people's fan pictures without their permission. People tend to get the heebie jeebies about that....eeenyah!

5. Guess what? We don't know Jorma personally. We can neither answer intimate questions about him, nor can we speak for him. We aren't him! Everything here, we found on the internetz!!11!! like woah. Just like you can!

6. Mostly, just have fun! We're here to play nice, people!

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